Kopernik High School

Kopernik High School in Katowice (300 000 inhabitants), capital city of Silesia in Poland, is a school where French teaching is very important. In this favourable context to French culture and language, Science  lessons in French have been offered. The bilingual section French-Polish of Kopernik High School has expanded, opening two middle school classes, exclusively in French, that led to the bilingual French-Polish section.

Kopernik has been taking part to the five last projects before EDD : MIW since 2012.

Augustum-Annen-Gymnasium Görlitz (AAG)

AAG is located in the easternmost town of Germany – in Görlitz which lies on the river Neiße.

It was founded in 1565 as a grammar school called Gymnasium Augustum. Since 2004 it combines the history of two schools: Annenschule and Gymnasium Augustum. Thats’s why the name consists of two parts. AAG is a grammar school with about 850 students taught by about 75 teachers. Students start in class 5 and finish passing the Abitur (A levels) at the end of class 12.

AAG gives students the chance to attend a bilingual/binational German – Polish class. They take part in  lots of intercultural projects and study Polish from the beginning. German and Polish students learn together in this class.

AAG is a European Parliament Ambassador School. It has the accreditation to award the CertiLingua diploma.

The collège de l’Europe

The collège de l’Europe is situated in Ardres (4 500 inhabitants), 20 km away from the Channel and in between the 2 main cities : Calais,  the important port connecting to Great Britain, and Saint-Omer situated less than 50 km from the Belgian border.

There are 616 students in 2019. English, German and Spanish are the foreign languages taught in Ardres. There is a European section for each of these languages from Year 8. You can also find a windsurfing section, as well as a robot programming workshop.

The school has got engaged in an international opening policy for some years now and has thus received the Euroscol label in 2019. It has taken part to plurilingual citizen debates since 2012.

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The French NGO le Partenariat

The French NGO le Partenariat was founded in 1981, following twinning between Lille and St Louis in Senegal. In 2006, le Partenariat created a Global Citizenship Education Centre called the Centre Gaïa. Accredited by the French Ministry of Education, it welcomes more than 8,000 people each year. Our field of expertise is global citizenship education, international solidarity, sustainable development and intercultural relations. Our main objective is to raise awareness on global challenges and provide tools to tackle them to build a fair and sustainable world.

We create educational materials to support teachers and provide workshops and trainings to young people and teachers, always using active learning methods. On top of activities directly targeting French pupils and teachers, we also manage European projects as lead applicant as well as partner.

We have been involved in EDD:MIW project since its start. Our missions are as follows :

  • ensuring a quality follow up and providing reports with recommendations
  • facilitating training sessions with teachers and young people
  • implementing intercultural activities and workshops during the European conferences
  • working on the creation of intellectual outputs
  • taking part in the project activities (transnational meetings, teacher training, European conference)"

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The GoodPlanet Foundation

The GoodPlanet Foundation develops different awareness programs and field activities in relation with the environment and living together.

Thanks to M. Henri Landes, professor at Sciences Po Paris, who briefly joined the Foundation, the partners of the project EDD : MIW could then benefit from its members’ expertise who advised them on how to use controversy mapping.



The DAREIC, one of the different services of the Rectorat, is in charge of the European opening up policy for the Academie de Lille. It has already coordinated several plurilingual and citizen European debates since 2013.

On the EDD : MIW project, the DAREIC coordinates and implements it in the Academie. It coordinates and manages the organization of the 3 European conferences as well as the events planned in the Academie de Lille. It prepares the transnational meeting as well as the training sessions at the start of every school year in collaboration with the host partner. Finally it ensures the quality for the pedagogical resources created throughout the project.


Le Groupement d’Intérêt Public

The GIP is a pole of expertise dedicated to the management and follow-up of European educational projects. It ensures the administrative and financial coordination of the project EDD : MIW.